Mesh Reconstruction from Imagery

This work originates from the dense reconstruction module for the city 3D reconstruction project. I have extended it for more general 3D model acquisitions. Now you can use it to scan your object with a smarthpone!

System Requirement

Current version is developed in Windows 7 64 bit platform using CUDA. An NVIDIA graphics card is needed.

Downloads [4.8MB]

Simple Usage

Step 1. Put all images in the "img" folder.

Step 2. Click "run.bat" to run.

Step 3. Your have your model in the "results" folder.

This simple usage uses the camera pose generated from VisualSFM (binary file already enclosed in the package for your conivence) by Changchang Wu. Thanks Changchang!


Here are several datasets and the produced models that you can play with. All captured using my smartphone!

Gargoyle:   23 images [8.9MB]    model [1.7MB]

Gnome:   27 images [6.8MB]   model [1.3MB]

Squirrel:   23 images [6.7MB]   model [1.3MB]

Woodland Squirrel:   20 images [5.1MB]   model [1.0MB]

License & Disclaimer

Use it at your own risk.